FH ANSBACH || Human Behaviour 2007

Human Behaviour is a shortstory about opposites, in which two worlds collide. The human grace, vulnerability and beauty are set in contrast to the rough and lumbering character of a machine. Cautious contact and desire raise expecations.

This film is the result of a student team-project at the University of Applied Science Ansbach.
The dancer was filmed at a real Location. The robot however is a pure 3D Computeranimation. The challenge of this in full-HD produced project was to create a believable combination of original footage and CG elements. Important steps were the matchmoving of the original camera moves, the robot animation, the complex colorcorrecions as well as realistic and efficient rendering and compositing.

Jan Bubenik, Christina Ziem, Nikolaus Wiedemann, Marcel Weisrock, Christiane Sinzger, Sabine Tiefenböck, Christopher Schlierf, Orhan Bingöl, Holger Aumüller, Christian Wendt, Tobias Roth, Jörk Meider, Jez Green, Michael Heumann, Otger Kunert, Florian Schneeweiß

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