RED BULL || Comes to South-Korea 2010

This feature takes you round the brand new south korean formula 1 circuit.

Join Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel as they do a lap and comment on the characteristics of this new racetrack.

Client: RedBull Racing

Aixsponza/Munich || August 2010- September 2010

The whole Marina-Bay-area was done by me. I also did the modeling of the surroundings and producing of some shots.

Production Company:
Peter Clausen Film & TV Produktionsgesellschaft mbH, Munich

Director / Producer:
Peter Clausen

Line Producer:
Cecilia Trück

Animation Studio AixSponza GmbH

Editing / VFX Director:
Christian Tyroller

CD / VFX Supervisor:
Manuel Casasola Merkle

Lead 3D Artist:
Matthias Zabiegly
Martin Matzeder

3D Artists:
Leonhard Akinbiyi
Holger Aumüller
Jan Haluszka
Magid Hoff
Norbert Kiehne
Christian Scheck
Christian Stanzel
Philipp Strasser
Tobias Szabo
Jörg Vogel
Ingo Walde

Ulf Gieseler
John Strieder

Fabian Rosenkranz

Lead Compositing:
Tobias Wiesner

Tobias Müller

Production Manager:
Anne Tyroller
Eva Kunze

Sound Design & Mix:
Heiko Müller

Andrej Melita, Peter Clausen