SKODA || Octavia-Visualizer 2013

In this beautiful online-car-configurator done at aixsponza not only can you configure your dream car in your favourite colour and with the most shiney chrome rims. You can also take it on a ride and watch a commercial featuring exactly the car you configured.

Set in an all CGI environment I created the textures and shaders and also did the modeling and lighting for the 360°-Turntable-Shot.

Client: Skoda Auto a.s.
Agency: SinnerSchrader, Hamburg
CD: Christian Tyroller
Technical Director: Achim August Tietz
3D Artists: Leo Akinbiyi, Holger Aumüller, Patrick Hecht, Lars Korb, Jens Kindler, Sven Mai, Christian Scheck, Jörg Vogel, Fuat Yüksel, Matthias Zabiegly
Compositing: David Bobichon, Alexander Gabrysch
Editing: Michael Münch, Christian Tyroller
Producer: Julian Fischer