RED BULL || Formula 1 India 2011

Same procedure as every year – Somewhere a new formula1 circuit is commissioned and we have the honour of doing an entertaining/educational animation showing all the highlights of the new track. In 2011 India got a new track and here’s our animation for it.

Client: RedBull Mediahouse
Production: Peter Clausen Film

Editing / CG Director
Christian Tyroller

Lead 3D Artist
Philipp Strasser

3D Artists
Patrick Hecht
Christian Lachenschmidt
Leonhard Akinbiyi

3D Set Building
Holger Aumüller
Jan Haluszka
Sven Mai

3D Production Team
Matthias Zabiegly
Fuat Yüksel
Felix Deutsch

Stefan Voigt

S3D Supervisor
Jan Bernotat

S3D Editing
Felix Rauch
Jessica Lorenz

Tobias Müller
Christoph Hoffmann
Achim Tietz
Norbert Ruf

Production Coordination
Cathrin Gross

Music Composers
Stephan Maass
Andi Slavik

Sound Design & Mix
Heiko Müller