Kategorie: Work

BMW || The MINI Vision Urbanaut 2020

Done at Aixponza October 2020. Modeling, Shading & Lighting done by me, Dobromir Dyankov and Matthias Zabiegly. Creative Director & Compositing: Sebastian Onufszak. For more information: https://aixsponza.com/work/the-mini-vision-urbanaut/

PENNY || Popachums 2020

Done at Aixsponza Feb. 2020. Modeled and shaded the box. For more information: https://aixsponza.com/work/penny-popachums/


Done at Aixsponza in Feb. 2020. Did the modeling and shading of the castle as well as some parts in the foreground. Fore more information: https://aixsponza.com/work/penny-misfits/

megaherz || Checker Tobi – Feature Film 2018

Done at Aixsponza in 2018. Did some animations of the space and toy rocket part. Modeled and shaded the plane, the container ship and some more objects. For more information: https://aixsponza.com/work/checker-tobi/

Capri Sun || Moon 2018

Done at Aixsponza in 2018. Responsible for the whole lab in the background. For more information: https://aixsponza.com/work/capri-sun-spots/

Capri Sun || Fruit Crush 2018

Done at Aixsponza in 2018. Modeling and shading of the stage. For more information: https://aixsponza.com/work/capri-sun-spots/